Sometimes it’s not enough to ride the vortex of convention. Sometimes it’s too simple to be

good at one thing for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s not possible to ignore your heart’s



Bauhaus is the story of a man who risked everything to follow his food passion. It’s the story of

a beautiful, connected and generous soul who I love and have the pleasure to work with.

May I introduce to you Chris Thomas and the Bauhaus.


A well traveled investment banker with a saturated cultural appreciation. Chris’s culinary

passions began as a young boy baking cakes in his Melbourne family home. Cooking for his

family and friends in between banking deals no longer satisfied his culinary drive. Chris decided

to leave the big end of town. Taking up residence in Sydney, he now has a more humble life,

and a very modest approach to his amazingly successful career. On Sydney’s most expressive

foodie strip of Enmore, he offers his guests a personalised, homely approach to hospitality with

a twist of banking wit. Always a smile, and a big lot of love for his patrons. Chris is often

seen telling stories and laughing with his customers until closing time. When you love what you

do, you won’t work a day in your life. This is Chris’s approach.


Over the last 20 years Chris’s career took him to London, New York and Tokyo. Regularly

crossing continents and experiencing global food at it’s best. The food he embraces at Bauhaus

is a culmination of his successful career, his life travels, his extraordinary experiences, and his soul

connection with food. The delights we hope you enjoy tonight are a departmentalised fusion of

Chris’s life on both East and West continents. The world is surprisingly small. His philosophy

of food is one of cultural integration and appreciation.


We hope you enjoy your experience at Bauhaus. We aim to provide the best and freshest

ingredients, seasonally oriented and locally sourced. From paddock to plate in an original and

uniquely presented manner. It’s Chris’s story on a plate. All handmade in haus, our East West

Eats share our love of food to nourish the body, feed the soul, and excite the senses.

I’m lucky to call this gorgeous “foodie banker” my man. It’s my pleasure to write these words

about him and share in the story of this beautiful little space we call Bauhaus.


My name is Claire. I am a designer. A singer, and a food lover. I am blessed to be his partner.

This is my story about Christopher and the Bauhaus.


Thank you for coming to share in our story.


With love and Enjoy.