welcome to bauhaus. this is a story about christopher and his travels, his love of food, and his passion for people. the menu is designed around a share fusion style that combines elements of different culinary traditions. chris delivers you the favourite tastes of his travels with a melbourne city cultural twist. the tasting plates are designed to share. we recommend the following order depending on your table size:


2 people: 2 x 11 & 3 x 21 3 people: 3 x 11 & 4 x 21 4 people: 3 x 11 & 5 x 21

5 people: 4 x 11 & 6 x 21 6 people: 5 x 11 & 7 x 21


ELEVEN 11 十一


polenta polygons fennel seed and chilli crumb GF V

olive and red onion haus bread rosemary, garlic and sea salt V VE

quick blanched asian greens sesame dressing GF V VE

twice cooked kipflers miso butter, pecorino GF V

namasu salad four or five colours GF V VE

eggplant discs charred miso GF V VE




dukkah crusted cuttlefish piquant harissa

slow roasted pulled plucky duck sea greens, edamame, pickled shiitake, red cabbage GF

hot and melty kandinsky saganaki cheese triangles dried figs, black olives, white grape molasses GF V

chicken yakitori bamboo sticks street style spectacular pickled cucumber, toasted white sesame GF

six oysters in a light and crispy sapporo tempura ”sensual zen awakening” wakami, kombu miso broth PE

dishy patagonian toothfish “coming of the spring” rolls tofu skin, sesame leaf, shiitake & dashing dashi GF PE

twice cooked behold a pressed tender lamb shoulder tahini eggplant, rosewater infused tomato GF

hunan short stack ribs amazing shaoxing province wine, chilli, coconut and black sesame, banana leaf

belly pork haus tarty “tatin” caramelised red vinegar, crackling crumbs, apple tart tatin

5+ marbled wagyu chilli salt crunchy, delicate lotus chips & kyoto gomu dressing GF


all of Bauhaus’s meat and eggs are free range